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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Awww… Ian and Josh
Originally uploaded by rdhddpoison

Last night I went out to Hattie’s here in Hallowell to see two of my favorite local musicians. Not only are they talented but they are very fun to watch. They are Ian Parker and Josh Robbins. They played a low key show and those of us who were there really enjoyed them. If you want to see more of the dynamic duo click here


Because I was bored last night and a bit depressed I decided to try to get out of it but taking some photos of Hayley. I set up a large black fabric for the background.
used one lamp placed in different positions and had another table lamp
on the other side of the room. Tried many different exposures and finally found a setting between the flash I had attached and the shutter speeds and f stop. We had a lot of fun doing this and the best part was they came out fantastic. I have about 30 that I ended up keeping. Now I just need to edit them all. After we did this we made dinner together and then watch Nip/Tuck… well we watched it after I edit a few photos as she couldn’t wait to see them.

So.. what started out as a depressing evening turned out to be a lot of fun and I found that doing those photos gave me a great endorphine rush that has lasted until today. I know for me I can’t think of many things that have the same effect on me. Will need to remember this next time..

Here it is Saturday evening at 5:00..feeling a bit cruddy..hoping this amaryllis flower here will brighten my spirits.

Wish I could go to a bigger city such as Boston to be one among many. Walking aimlessly around the city. Loved doing that when I lived there. Found it very therapeutic. That is what I need this evening. To be anonymous. To feel the energy of the people. Sit at a coffee shop in the North End where they know how to make a proper cappuccino. A cafe that doesn’t close at 3:00 and where people are teeming about. Ah well.. maybe another time..