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Daily Archives: February 3rd, 2008

Great Blue Heron in North Carolina
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Well I’ve finally gotten around to updating my blog on my road trip. I was hoping to be able to be able to do it sooner but most of the time couldn’t find a place that had the internet. I will start at the beginning of my trip…

I left Thursday morning with my first layover to be in NYC. I had my directions from AAA and google maps but when I spoke with my friend Connor who informed me of another way to get into the city (route 15). Was a much nicer way to get in then the old standby of taking 95. Route 15 was very pretty and not a lot of traffic. It took me right where I needed to go which was to a parking garage on w 30th between 5th and Madison. The hotel I was staying at was just 3 blocks away. At the hotel I called up two flickr friends whom I had planned to meet up with that night. We weren’t going to meet until around 7:00 and would be getting drinks and going to dinner. I had about 3 hours to kill so I decided to go out and walk around. I loved being able to walk around the city. It’s difficult to do it at home cause of the snow and lack of sidewalks so I was in heaven. Loved the energy and life of NYC.

Found my way to Greenwich Village and came across this great coffee shop called The Bean on 6th ave between 10th and 11th St’s. I had wonderful tea and a little sweet treat. It was chocolate shell in the shape of a coffee cup filled with pastry cream and fresh berries. It’s was so freaking good! Stayed there for a while going over my street map trying to find my way to get to the place me and my friends were meeting up. So I finished my snack and started walking in the direction I thought I was supposed to be going. Eventually I got to “The Strand” bookshop on Broadway and visited in there for a bit. Kept on walking till I got to E 12th which is the direction I thought I was going. while I’m walking I’m getting a weird feeling that I’m going the wrong way. Mainly because the place we were meeting was in the West Village and I’m going East.. was a little clue. Just as I was thinking oh shit where is this place my friend Conner (map guru from earlier) called to see how I was doing. Well lucky for me he was at a computer and I gave him the name of the bar (The Tortilla flat) and he said I was going in the complete opposite way which did confirm my suspicions. I had walked about a mile in the wrong direction, I had to go back to the Greenwich Village and beyond. Depsite that little miscalculation of directions I finally found it and had a great time with Lynn and Klaus. We had wonderful margarita’s and then went to Chinatown for dinner.

Woke up the next morning with a bit of a headache but it was worth every sip of those drinks. My night in New York City was wonderful and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time there.

Well now I’m sitting at my aunt’s in Cary, North Carolina which is about 10 min’s east of Raleigh. Think I will stop for now and will try to write more tonight or tomorrow. Here are some of my photos from my trip.

Until next time