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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Whew.. what a month this has been. Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Since I’ve gotten back from my road trip it has been crazy! Alot of things have happened with the worse being my beloved Ruby died last week.

I’ve had Ruby cat since for 12 years. She was a great cat. Always had a loud motor (purr for all you non cat people) and would great me with that voice of hers whenever I walked into the room. She would sleep by my head at night and generally follow me around the house. She developed a heart problem in January. The weekend of March 2 she got worse. I knew she was giving up the fight. She passed away here at home surrounded by her family. I will miss her as I miss my other pets that have passed on.

For the past few days have also been battling bronchitis. Been feeling really sick and taking lots of meds just to take the edge off. Still difficult just doing household chores as I get out of breath and shaky. However do not fear I’m on the mend and will soon be running all around taking photographs that are beyond a 100 feet from the house.

I have also just updated dated my website with some new colors and new photo’s. Really need to try to stay on top of that as well as this and will try to from now on. Fingers crossed..

The photo above was from the road trip to West Virginia this past winter.

Hope everyone who reads this.. the one or of have had a good month so far and are holding it together till Spring comes.