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Daily Archives: May 2nd, 2008

Hidden inside

Took this in my garden this morning. The light was nice and soft and complimented the tulip quite nicely.

Today has been a good day. Did a chores around the house, played with the dogs. My sister and her kids came by for a visit. Hayley came home early to study for the SAT’s which she is taking
tomorrow. We went to the bookstore and while she studied I perused the magazines. I love bookstores for this. I never buy magazines, I just read them while I’m there.. I know probably not the nicest thing but I do try to leave the mag’s in a condition that someone else wouldn’t mind reading. I’m also careful not to spill anything on them.

It’s a beautiful night here in Hallowell. A bit cool but lovely just the same. I’ve been thinking about going in town to get a glass of wine and mingle.. problem is I hate mingling.. also hate getting hit on.. of course the only people that tend to hit on my are odd ones. I don’t mean the “cool” odd ducks.. I mean the ones you normally wouldn’t even consider. Hmm.. maybe I’ll just watch something on the DVR and have a glass of wine here. I can handle Beansy hitting on me..

Peace.. and a toast to you all!

It’s 11:45 and I can’t sleep. Worked today from 9-9. Got home around 10:00, watched ER. Tried going to bed but couldn’t sleep. Figured I would upload another photo of my favorite white horse. I’ve always wanted a horse and maybe that’s why I’m so taken with these guys. This one especially seems comforting to me..

Comforts of a horse..
Not sure why I can’t sleep. Think it’s because I’ve got stuff on my mind. Been thinking alot about Hayley going off to college next year. Me turning 40 next month. Changes that I want to have happen but unsure they will be able to be made.. at least anytime soon. I do feel very luck for what I’ve got and am very thankful. Also worried that it could get taken away and want to put in safe guards so that doesn’t happen. Feels like to much to try to figure out. So I think for now I will just be in the present and put good energy out there for the future. The past, well the past needs to stay at bay. It’s useful for reminding me what I shouldn’t do and to remember what I should do but I don’t want to spend too much time there. Moving forward, that is what I want to do. I guess that is what is bothering me.. I have seen my life somewhat planned out for me because I’ve always had Hayley to take care of and have always had a schedule of sorts. My purpose for the past 17 years will change soon. It’s changing now and it’s making me think a lot about the past and trying to figure out how to deal with the future. I’ve gotten better at living in the present… I just need to keep reminding myself at times.. such as now.. when sleep is being kept at bay.

Well enough rambling for one night. I wonder if when I get up in the morning and see this I’ll think “good lord woman what the heck were you going on about”.. hope this makes sense. I don’t believe in going back and re editing so I guess it will have to do. Can’t be worse then drinking and dialing now can it..??

~ peace and hopefully some sleep ~