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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves. ~Dale Carnegie

Don’t have too much to say today, since my brain is somewhat cooked from working yesterday. I did an 11-11 shift as I will do today and while this is my least favorite time to work the one good thing about it is that it gives me some time in the morning to do things such as what I’m doing right now. Will also go for a walk before I sit on my butt for 12 hours answering hotline calls. Yesterday I think I had about 80-85 calls which contained a mixture of the usual pill IDs, children getting into cleaners and such and a few pretty serious cases. I’m hoping when I go into work today that those serious ones will have been downgraded. One of which was a self inflicted OD, unsure if they were intentionally trying to commit suicide or not. It’s hard to go into work sometimes knowing you have to deal with alot of abuse and suicide issues. I wonder if I’m making a difference, I like to think I am but sometimes.. it doesn’t feel like it.


I can’t believe Hayley is going to be a senior this year. It really has gone by so fast. In one year she will be heading off to Boston or NYC for college. From experience this year will go by all to quick. I’m going to take any and all oppurtunites to enjoy the time we have before she leaves.

This is one of the photos we took while we were in the coffee shop “Soup to Nuts” the other day. This will be one of many photo’s that will go into the “maybe” folder for her final shot.

Today we are off to go strawberry picking. Will try to get some photo’s while we are there. Hopefully we won’t get rained on..


Just got in from doing some yard work. Its times like this that sometimes I wish I had a partner to help with all the stuff to do around the house. At least that is what I was thinking at the start of doing said yard work. I now I feel differently.

I started out by taking hedging shears and trimming up the grass that grows along the edges around the house. Nothing like a little muscle action going in the upper thighs and gluteus maximus. Although towards the end of the trimming it does get a bit difficult to stand up. Then I took my trusty shovel and looked around for dog poop and dead moles (cat presents) to pick up. You do not want dog crap to come flying back at you when you mow it.. it’s happened and it’s not fun nor is it fun when you go over a mole.. don’t think I need to get into any details there and yes I’ve done that as well.. so now.. I scour the areas where I will be mowing to avoid these tragedies.

Another great work out is to use an old fashioned push mower. It can take up to twice as long as an electric or gas one but again.. not as much exercise involved with those. Also was under the impression that because I don’t have a huge area to mow figured it would be too bad. Silly me forgot that two good portions of what I do need to mow is on a very steep slope. Again another work out for the upper thighs and ass muscles as you have to push the mower back and forth up the slope, as well as side to side due to it being a push mover and they don’t cut as well as the aforementioned ones. I usually do this while standing on the sides and bottom of the slope since from experience it is easy to lose grasp of the mower while you are sliding down the slope because you just stepped in dog crap that you missed while doing the earlier scavenger hunt.

Once I was able to get my breath back from doing the slopes the mowing actually went really well. As I was doing it, even the hard parts I really did enjoy my time out there. I was finding it to be meditative in sort of way. The sun was out and it was so nice to be outside. The smell if the grass as it was being cut is one of my favorite smells. I feel that when it was all said and done that I probably enjoyed how it looked and how it smelled more so because it was me who did it. Something as simple as doing yard work reminded me that it’s ok to not be with someone. I have and can continue to achieve great satisfaction from being by myself. I’m definitely learning more about myself and can focus on the things I want to focus on. I’m not saying that I want this to be this way forever but for now.. it’s really nice.