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Monthly Archives: November 2008


So I’m sitting here at work this Sunday afternoon and thinking about how nice it would be to be sitting or rather laying at home, someplace comfy and reading my book. Which happens to be last Ian Rankin book called “Exit Music” in the John Rebus series. There are about 18 books in all that span 20 years in the life of John Rebus who is a DI in Scotland. Now maybe it’s because I don’t have a whole lot going on but it will be quite a sad moment when I do finish the last book. I’ve been trying to read it off and on over the last week. As much as I want to finish it to see what happens I’m also putting off the inevitable. The ending of my relationship with a fictitious character. Not quite sure what to make of that and I’m sure your thinking I really do need to find another hobby of which your probably right. However over the last two years or so that I’ve been reading the series ( I haven’t read straight through but have interspersed them with other reading material) I have grown quite fond of him and of his partner Siobhan. While they both have done things to piss me off they are both fairly realistic characters. It’s one of the things I like most about how Ian Rankin has written them. They are fallible and have made mistakes, they do things they shouldn’t and in the end it doesn’t always get tied up in a new little bow. I Have a feeling that will be the same at the end of this last book. I will probably continue to put off the ending for a bit longer.

When I do finish I will honour John Rebus with a glass of Laphroaig. I only wish it could be in his Edinburgh, Scotland.


“The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good; and thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burdens of the past.”
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez ~





“Sit quietly for now and cease your relentless participation. Watch what happens. The birds do not crash dead out of the sky in mid-flight, after all. The trees do not wither and die, the rivers do not run red with blood. Life continues to go on.”

Elizabeth Gilbert from the book

“Eat, Pray, Love”

I need to heed these words right now. This has been a very difficult week and I think I need to just sit and be for a spell and regain energy and assurance.

~ peace ~