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Monthly Archives: January 2009


Winter has had it’s chilly hold on us.

Giving us moments of bitter cold alternating with softly falling snow.

She will soon be teasing us with spells of warmer air and the early smells of Spring.

Soon after, the grounds will be ready to be awoken from its long slumber.

I too will be ready.



Rufus was getting a bit jealous that Beansy was getting all the attention from having his picture posted. He is quite popular on flickr. Rufus thought even if he isn’t a young pup anymore that he would try to see if he could get some attention himself.. we’ll see..

Surprise Surprise another snow storm is on it’s way and about to dump 12-15 inches of that fluffy white stuff. I actually don’t mind it except for the shoveling, although it is a great work out, especially with my driveway. I’m lucky to not have to work and therefore I don’t have to commute in it. I think that I will go out later in it and try to get some photos. Hopefully I will feel motivated enough the leave the warm confines of home and go out into the storm.

I found out yesterday that I will have my first photography show in Portland. I’m really excited about it and a bit nervous. It will be my first showing and while I don’t feel ready for it I’ve had quite a few people tell me they believe I am. I guess this one of those times were you listen to the people around you. I did decide that I wanted to do more with my photos this year and this is a great motivator to seek out other opportunities.

Here’s to a snowy day with at least one good photo to be taken *raises coffee to toast*

~ peace ~


I wish I had more of a joke to this but I don’t and if I did I would probably forget it because I’m a horrible joke teller. I can never remember jokes. I have to write them down and then half the time I can’t find the nakpin they were written on.

When I first saw these tracks in the woods behind my house I immediately had the start of this joke line in my head. Of course I couldn’t come up with an actual joke so I just took the picture with the thought of the title already in my head. It will have to be enough for now. Feel free to come up with a joke based on the title..

I’ve been feeling the travel bug a lot lately and these tracks remind me that I do need to get out there and do some exploring. Would figure the time is  not the issue it’s the money to travel with. It does comes in handy for gas, food and lodging.

I do find that I’m happiest when I’m in my car driving to a place I’ve already picked out or an unknown desitination. Some place that will be determined once I see it or rather feel it. The best part is walking around and exploring. I love it. I always look for where the locals go and head straight there. Then I sit somewhere with a coffee or a beer and just watch and listen to the pulse that goes on in that particular place I’m in. Sometimes I get photos and sometimes I don’t. Either way it’s all an experience that I’m yearning for once again.

~ peace ~

13:47 edited .. This just in I just now found out that those tracks are from a rabbit and not a squirrel.. lol.. I guess I need to hone up on my tracking skills 🙂