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Happy New Year!! Wow.. 2009. I can’t believe its a new year. Most people make resolutions on for New Years, I usually don’t.  It just seems the perfect set up for failure.I do like to try to work on things I’m already trying to make better.. so maybe that’s kind of a resolution. I also redo some things to start the new year out. For instance I wanted to redo my photoblog a little bit, figured a change for the new year would be good. Well.. one of the things I really needed to do for my photoblog was to upgrade to the newer version, in order to do this I needed to upload to my PC the new files and then download and install them on my web server and then in various directories. It took about 2-2.5 hours to do this as there were hundreds of files that needed to be copied and because I couldn’t figure out how to copy folders.. I had to copy the files individually. Well.. I screwed it up  somehow. When I go the page all I get is a blank page.. even the admin page I use I get a blank white page. I have no idea what the problem is other then some files got messed up during the transfer. I wasn’t able to find what I did wrong so after taking a much needed break from sitting in front of the computer for hours I just thought what the hell.. I will just redo it. No sense in crying over spilled milk and I thought It could be good to start over.

Here is my new Photoblog.. which is indeed a bit better then the other one. Granted it will take me a bit to get a good portfiolio of my work on there but over all I think it will be a good thing.

On another note for some odd reason I have it stuck in my head that tea is good on New Years. Maybe it’s a cleansing ritual, or maybe it has to do with reading tea leaves for the year ahead. Could be something my mind made up or I really did hear it somewhere.. either way it seemed apprioriate and a nice way to start off my 2009 photographs and blog with a picture of my tea pot that Hayley gave me a few years ago for Christmas along with the new tea cups she gave me this year. So.. enjoy a cuppa and raise a toast to the new year and new starts to whatever you do however large or small..

~ Peace ~


One Comment

  1. Congratulations on starting your New Photoblog. Happy clicking.
    By the way I too never keep any resolutions for new year. Just take life as it comes 🙂

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