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Monthly Archives: February 2009


Admist all the chaos of life you have helped me find clarity. I can now see the color amongst the black and white. Where there appears nothing I am able to find beauty.

I can now breath. I can now just be.





This is what I woke up to this past Monday. While I’m pretty darn sick of the snow it was truly magical to see it like this and made it that much more tolerable. Everything was covered in what looked like thick white icing. It was almost surreal to look at because you couldn’t see much that wasn’t covered. It really was beautiful to behold.


This little bird was  perched on one of my bird feeders as you can see here. I noticed that he sat here for a long while. Sometimes eating most of the time not. I went out to fill up the feeder and it took him a little longer then usual to fly away from me and when he did it wasn’t very far. Also from watching him I noticed that he stayed fluffed up, like how he is in this photo. They normally don’t stay that way either. So I thought there may be something going on with him. Wasn’t sure if he was cold or sick.

After I went out to refill the feeders I watched for him to return. He did. It was at another feeder but again he just sat there for a time. I decided to get my critter box (I’ve rescued and raised two squirrels) and went out to see if I could get him inside. Mind you this was in the middle of one of our snowstorms last week, didn’t think he would fair well in it being how he was. We have a place here in Central Maine called Avian Haven that I’ve brought many a bird. These two wonderful people take care of sick and or rescued birds of all kinds. My thought was I would rescue him or her and after the storm I would bring him there.  I went out to where the feeders were and I was able to come up behind him at the feeder. I walked very slowly towards him, he didn’t move much and I was able to wrap my hands around him. I knew he wasn’t well right there. I put him in my critter box and brought him inside. I had taken him out of it while in the house a few times and he did try to fly but not very well. I decided it was best to keep him in the box just so he would be safe from hurting himself. Well.. I went to check on him as I did all morning. Unfortunately this last time I saw that he didn’t make it. I’m hoping it wasn’t anything I did but I have a feeling he was already pretty sick. I’m just glad the bird was able to have his last few hours in a warm place.

Rest in peace little fella..