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Monthly Archives: June 2009

This is from my garden. It’s an Apricot Rose.. they are beautiful and don’t last very long. I wanted to get some photos in stages. This was the best I could do. With all the heavy rains they weren’t able to keep their delicate petals on for too long. Their scent is very light and as the name and color implies smells faintly of apricots. Lucky for me they will bloom another time or two this summer..

june25 051blog

june25 054blog

june25 056

june29 005


Summer lovin.. there’s nothing grander.. thank you Michael..xox.

These were taken on a drive to Wiscassett the last week.. it was a lovely afternoon.

june23 043

june23 031

 I took this Peony photograph in my garden on this drizzly morning. It shows me their is still beauty when the weather isn’t so beautiful.

june22 020

This has been one rainy June. In some ways its a bit depressing seeing as how we wait all winter long for summer and all it’s been doing is raining, and when it’s not raining its cloudy and cool. However I remembered this morning that sometimes the rain isn’t so bad.. especially for taking photos. It kind of forces you to have a different take on things. Not everything has to be sunny and bright. The rain and clouds have their own emotions that can come through in photographs. So instead of waiting for the sun to make its reappearance I’m going to take advantage of these cloudy days and let their emotions speak to me and show me their take on beauty and simplicity.

~ peace ~