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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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Enjoying the summer with my man and my daughter.. the other day Michael and I went to Damariscotta Lake and spent a few hours on the dock enjoying the cooling breezes off the lake. It was wonderful.. it finally feels like summer and I hope to enjoy all of it with the two loves of my life.

~ peace ~


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Well I may be speaking out of turn here but it looks like Summer is finally found it’s way to Maine. Today and tomorrow will be hot and humid and dare I say.. a bit sunny. Looking forward to sweating and cursing about how hot it is because before you know it will be gone and I’ll be wishing it were summer all over again.. I’ll enjoy the clammy skin and frizzy hair for now.. 🙂

~Peace ~

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Hayley is turning 18 this Friday and I wanted to start doing a series of photos starting this week right up until she leaves to commemorate this year into adultdom. These shots were taken along Rt 218 in Alna, Maine on the side of the road in a small field of flowers. We had a lot of fun doing these.. will have more to show as the days goes by..

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far..

~ peace ~