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sept24 044

Last night while sitting outside with Michael I was watching Beansy on his dog run. It’s a long run that gives him plenty of space to run as well as getting caught up in the bushes and trees around the house. At one point he was walking slowly and his leash had wound around a group of fallen leaves. Even though he wasn’t “caught up” up on anything he pulled those leaves like it were this heavy weight. It got me thinking.. I realized that it was like a metaphor for life.. I know it’s a stretch to equate a dogs leash with life but just hear me out.

Beansy’s lead will sometimes gets caught up on a tiny little twig or literally a piece of grass. He yelps to be freed up because he thinks that little bit of resistance won’t allow him to move forward. All he has to do is be patient and try to trudge forward a little more then he’s used to. It’s like life.. when something comes along that appears to not allow us to move forward we get stuck. When all we have to do is try a little harder and we can set ourselves free and moving forward. Same thing with the leaves caught up in his lead last night.. he moved forward but it was burdened more then usual. However the more he moved forward the more the leaves disentangled themselves from the lead and he was again freed up.

I bet if we took the time to pay attention to the simpler things around us.. such as a dog on his run we would see these lessons to remind us that we are not all alone.. every walk of life has their own trials to work thru however great or small. We just need to keep moving forward, gently with an open heart and an open mind.. and have faith in those lessons. Sometimes we may see the meaning behind what comes at us.. sometimes not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. it really is about the journey..

~ peace ~


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