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sept21 032edit

This morning was beautiful.. the early fall sunlight coming up over the river gave everything a warm golden light. These are my favorite mornings, here in the autumn.. crisp enough to give off that wonderful fall aroma yet not so cold you can’t go out and enjoy a warm cup of coffee while watching the light play off it’s surroundings..

sept21 010ed

Speaking of light playing.. Michael and I went to Skowhegan last night so he could do an open mic. The first place we went to was actually in a town called Solon just a little north of Skowhegan called Solon Hotel which has a fairly run down bar but these can be my favorite types of bars. We walked in, Michael signed up near the stage to play and we walked across the dance floor and walked up a step to another part of the bar and there were the sunflowers above. They were literally bathed in the late sunlight and I was struck by how beautiful the scene looked given the surroundings. I call this photo Van Gogh at the Solon Hotel and Bar.  I did add some more oranges to the photo but the sunlight is very accurate.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend..

~ peace ~


aug11 022

aug11 029


aug11 047

aug11 061

Yesterday Michael and I went to Rockland and walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse at the end. It was a mile each way and we walked it barefoot both ways, most of the time. Our feet are a tad sore today but well worth it. It was a perfect Maine Summer afternoon that lead into an even better summer evening, warm and humid but not suffocating. It was exactly what I needed…

~ peace ~

june23 008

Breathing.. it’s a part of life. While we all do it unconsciously, sometimes its good to pay attention to it. To remember to take long breathes. Cleansing breathes. Breaths that fill your lungs and slowly leave your body. I”m doing just that this morning. Breathing in the cool, clean, summer morning air and having it push away concerns and worries. As simple as it sounds, it works. Showing me again that taking the time to do something basic and simple really is best.

~ peace ~