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I’m having my first photography show coming up and the opening is this Saturday, May 02. The show will run till May 22. I am a tad nervous about it. It’s kind of like why I never hosted a party.. I think what if no one shows up! Sure people say they will but what if they don’t. Ok.. so.. say they do show up to the show this Saturday, well then I think, what if they don’t like what they see and they think my work sucks.. lol. I’m not used to putting myself at the center of attention however I think it will be good for me. Getting my feet wet and preparing for doing  more of it. If anything it will make my skin thicker.

Of course I’m also looking forward to it at the same time. Excited to see my work hung up and for people to look at it. It’s a big step and I do feel in many ways I’m ready for it despite the aforementioned insecurities. Sometimes its good to just put it all out there.

For anyone in Hallowell, ME this coming weekend feel free to stop by and visit me at the opening reception on May 02, 2:00 – 5:00 pm at           Hallowell & Wine, 122 Water St.

The show itself runs from May 02 – May 22, 2009

~  peace ~



This was taken in Vaughan’s Woods which are the woods I so often go for walks that abutts my property. I took this shot a month or two ago and can’t till this day decide how I feel about it. I know I like it in black and white due to it showing off the textures of the ice formations. So I thought I would post it on here to see how it goes. ‘

As for today.. we are yet again getting walloped with another snow storm. I guess March really does come in like a lion. At least this lion won’t be hanging out for too long.

~ peace ~


Admist all the chaos of life you have helped me find clarity. I can now see the color amongst the black and white. Where there appears nothing I am able to find beauty.

I can now breath. I can now just be.