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sept17 008edit

sept17 010

sept17 007

These photos are from this morning outside where it was very chilly and a bit foggy. While the leaf changes and crisp morning herald a change from summer to fall I relish these times. Fall has always been my favorite time and this fall even more so. While the seasons are changing so am I. I don’t think ever before has there been such a parallel.

On that note..I know it’s been a while since my last post. There’s been quite a lot going on. The transitions that started out at the beginning of the  summer have continued into this late summer almost autumn time. In fact one of the things I had to do was come up with a name for my upcoming photography show in Portland next month and a co worker had come up with it after hearing me talk about so many changes going on.. she said “why not call it Transitions”. I said “that is perfect”. I already knew some of the photos that will be in this show and I knew it was going to be around Hayley in some ways as well as other changes that have happened over the last few months. I think this show will be a pretty personal one as my images will reflect. While they may not look it to someone else I know that the images I will hang will all have a meaning relating to transitions of late. Hopefully people seeing them will maybe see there own transitions in them as well.

A little bit of photo talk here.. I’m very excited to announce that I’m shooting my first wedding next month as well. I’m a bit nervous but really am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will have some photos I can show from it and depending on how it all goes I may try to do more smaller weddings using only natural light as I will be at this wedding. Thank you Julie for placing your trust in me and my creative mind!!

I’ve also  been trying to do more editing techniques as can be seen here. I’ve mentioned before how I used to shy away from a lot of editing but I’m liking the look lately of what I’m doing and I think it’s pretty obvious that they are tweaked and that I’m not giving the false impression that I’m trying to pass something off as this was how it was naturally when I shot it. Not sure if that makes sense but that was why I initially shied away from it. Now I find it allows me to be more creative and show a little bit more of my own emotion in the image.

Well I think that’s enough for now.. hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather if the season applies to you.. where ever you are remember to enjoy today and make the most of it.

~ peace ~


aug 14 079bw

aug 14 078bw

aug 14 051

aug 14 054

At the beginning of the summer I asked Hayley what she wanted to do before she leaves for college.. a sort of bucket list if you will. One of the things she asked was to see her great grandfather, my maternal grandfather. She has talked to him on many occasions but has not seen him in person as of yet.. for various reasons. So last week we went down to visit him. We had a great time hearing stories from my grandfather as well as my mother and Aunt the shenanigans of having 6 children, all girls,  growing up in the very house we were now sitting in. He also kept remarking on how lucky he was and ultimately we all were to have 4 generations sitting there together last Thursday.

My grandfather was the Captain of the U.S.A.F. from 1942-1946.  He navigated the lead plan filled with paratroopers on D-Day into Normandy, as well as being the lead plane for Holland, Bastogne and Rhineland. It’s not something he talks about often but I’m glad he said something this time. He was and still is at 89 a remarkable man. I’m very proud to call him “Pa”.

It was an afternoon filled with alot of laughing and remembering. I’m glad to have added another memory to the list of memories for us four, myself, my daughter, my mother and her father.


july10 006

july10 009

july10 012

Happy Friday everyone! What a beautiful morning it is.. the sun is shining, it’s cool and the light is beautiful. I got up early due to my love leaving to go to work. I briefly thought about going back to sleep but since I felt very awake and saw just how splendid the morning is I decided to not waste it. I went out to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot and found that Michael had already done it.. what a good guy! After he left I let the dogs out and once the coffee was made I brought my mug and camera out to see the what I could find. These images are from this morning.. Cannot think of a better way to start the day then how this morning went.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

~ Peace ~