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Category Archives: lucky finds


Last week I was out raking leaves off the patio and in the front garden. Once I got to the garden part I always do it by hand so as not to destroy the sprouts from the spring flowers that are coming up. Underneath all the wet, heavy leaves I found the shell from a Chinese lantern, perfectly intact with a berry inside it. Now for me this couldn’t have been a better find nor more poetic. It showed me in that instant how something so fragile and what should have been crushed under the weight of snow, leaves and ice had survived. It spoke so much to me and was exactly what I needed to show me faith. Faith that it will all be ok despite the hardships that are prevalent right now. Not just with myself but with the ones I love.



Admist all the chaos of life you have helped me find clarity. I can now see the color amongst the black and white. Where there appears nothing I am able to find beauty.

I can now breath. I can now just be.



I took this photo while I was sitting in my room about a month ago. It was at night and because I was sitting by the window in my chair with the lamp on the last of the moths for the season descended on the window to be near the warm glow. I actually kind of felt bad for them. I knew they didn’t have much longer in this Autumn season and I was surprised to see them. Still it was nice to see the last remnants of summer still quietly getting as much out of their remaining days as possible. Funny how a moment which seems so simple and what appears to be meaningless at the time can turn out to teach you something and inspire you to hold on to the Now and appreciate it for what it’s worth.

You never know where life’s teachers will show up. Hopefully we are aware enough to see them..

~ peace ~