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Category Archives: My words

This is for a local musician here in Hallowell who passed away..

aug11 062

Don’t take life for granted.. live each day as if it were your last..
Take time to pay attention to the simple things…
Appreciate your family and loved ones…

This is for Craig.. may it guide you on your way..


july 28 085_1

These chairs are old, slightly worn. A little rusty and chipped.

The blue is still bright but needs some polishing here and there.

They are still here however, looking out towards the sky.

Waiting patiently for the next phase in their transition.

Without knowing what that phase will be.

~ Peace ~

sept07 004

sept07 006

The leaves have started to fall

No autumn color to them as yet

Still green but a bit weathered

Tired maybe

Can’t seem to hold on any longer

Sometimes its better to let go

Hope to land softly on the ground