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Hayley gave me a great idea for a photo project. Capturing different parts of the body in a slightly different way. So here is the start of my attempt. Not really sure what direction this project will go but I think it would help me to see things a little differently. I can apply my simplistic way of looking at things to the human body.

Thank you to my man Michael for being my first model for the project. I’m sure it won’t be the last time if I can help it.

aug11 006

aug11 005

aug11 015


aug 14 079bw

aug 14 078bw

aug 14 051

aug 14 054

At the beginning of the summer I asked Hayley what she wanted to do before she leaves for college.. a sort of bucket list if you will. One of the things she asked was to see her great grandfather, my maternal grandfather. She has talked to him on many occasions but has not seen him in person as of yet.. for various reasons. So last week we went down to visit him. We had a great time hearing stories from my grandfather as well as my mother and Aunt the shenanigans of having 6 children, all girls,  growing up in the very house we were now sitting in. He also kept remarking on how lucky he was and ultimately we all were to have 4 generations sitting there together last Thursday.

My grandfather was the Captain of the U.S.A.F. from 1942-1946.  He navigated the lead plan filled with paratroopers on D-Day into Normandy, as well as being the lead plane for Holland, Bastogne and Rhineland. It’s not something he talks about often but I’m glad he said something this time. He was and still is at 89 a remarkable man. I’m very proud to call him “Pa”.

It was an afternoon filled with alot of laughing and remembering. I’m glad to have added another memory to the list of memories for us four, myself, my daughter, my mother and her father.


may 15 023

Hayley will be 18 in July and then the following month I will be driving her down to college.
Where the heck does the time go.. it’s gone in the blink of an eye.