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aug24 002

Saturday night we had a burn pile going. I’ve never had one before and to be honest was a bit nervous about it. It turned out fine tho and as you can see there was quite the burn pile going. We had some visitors in the morning who wasn’t appreciative of our pile.. we did have a burn permit but we ended up burning a few things we probably shouldn’t have.. ah well. It’s done for now..


aug11 022

aug11 029


aug11 047

aug11 061

Yesterday Michael and I went to Rockland and walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse at the end. It was a mile each way and we walked it barefoot both ways, most of the time. Our feet are a tad sore today but well worth it. It was a perfect Maine Summer afternoon that lead into an even better summer evening, warm and humid but not suffocating. It was exactly what I needed…

~ peace ~

july 28 037

july 28 053colorprss

july21 025

Enjoying the summer with my man and my daughter.. the other day Michael and I went to Damariscotta Lake and spent a few hours on the dock enjoying the cooling breezes off the lake. It was wonderful.. it finally feels like summer and I hope to enjoy all of it with the two loves of my life.

~ peace ~