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Time is a funny thing.. it can go by so fast and yet so slow.

I look back and think how fast all the time went and how fast it will go this summer before she leaves for college. This coming week will be Hayley’s last week at school. It will be the last week that I will be driving her to and from school as I have been doing  for the past 12 years and with the ending of this long standing ritual I’m having mixed feelings. In some ways I’m looking forward to having my mornings and afternoons not scheduled while other times I really do like having those times planned. It’s a great way to see her off in the morning, me in my PJ’s driving her to school.. and wishing her a good day and exchanging I love you’s as she’s getting out of the car. Knowing that on most days I will be picking her up in that afternoon and seeing her greet me with a smile (on most occasions :-)). I always enjoyed the picking up part because it felt like it completed the day.  

In contrast to myself feeling that time has gone by fast, time I think will go slow for Hayley this summer and has possibly gone slowly this past year at high school. She did mention to me one time that it was slow in going. Because she knew this would be her last year and she is ready for school to be done with and college to start as well her new life.

Time.. will be interesting to see how it present itself by the end of summer and so on.

~ peace ~


 These are pictures from The Animal Refuge League  Silent Auction that was held last night in Portland at this wonderful warehouse that now serves as a beautiful function hall called The Portland Company. I had donated a framed photograph for the fundraiser and went to the cocktail party that accompanied the auction with with my friend Nadia. We had a great time and was lovely to see alot of people there giving to a wonderful cause.

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I’m going to try something different with taking photographs. It’s not forever but just for a short time. I’m going to try to make them a bit more abstract while, if possible, still possessing the emotions that I like my pictures to convey. It will be tricky I think but, a nice challenge none the less.

The above photos are experimentations in new ways for me to see the autumn leaves and colors that are around me right now. I want to grab hold of them for as long as I can and translate the colors that we normally see into something that we don’t normally see.

The only post processing that was done is for lighting and some saturation or desaturation.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

~ Peace ~