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So I’m sitting here at work this Sunday afternoon and thinking about how nice it would be to be sitting or rather laying at home, someplace comfy and reading my book. Which happens to be last Ian Rankin book called “Exit Music” in the John Rebus series. There are about 18 books in all that span 20 years in the life of John Rebus who is a DI in Scotland. Now maybe it’s because I don’t have a whole lot going on but it will be quite a sad moment when I do finish the last book. I’ve been trying to read it off and on over the last week. As much as I want to finish it to see what happens I’m also putting off the inevitable. The ending of my relationship with a fictitious character. Not quite sure what to make of that and I’m sure your thinking I really do need to find another hobby of which your probably right. However over the last two years or so that I’ve been reading the series ( I haven’t read straight through but have interspersed them with other reading material) I have grown quite fond of him and of his partner Siobhan. While they both have done things to piss me off they are both fairly realistic characters. It’s one of the things I like most about how Ian Rankin has written them. They are fallible and have made mistakes, they do things they shouldn’t and in the end it doesn’t always get tied up in a new little bow. I Have a feeling that will be the same at the end of this last book. I will probably continue to put off the ending for a bit longer.

When I do finish I will honour John Rebus with a glass of Laphroaig. I only wish it could be in his Edinburgh, Scotland.

Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves. ~Dale Carnegie

Don’t have too much to say today, since my brain is somewhat cooked from working yesterday. I did an 11-11 shift as I will do today and while this is my least favorite time to work the one good thing about it is that it gives me some time in the morning to do things such as what I’m doing right now. Will also go for a walk before I sit on my butt for 12 hours answering hotline calls. Yesterday I think I had about 80-85 calls which contained a mixture of the usual pill IDs, children getting into cleaners and such and a few pretty serious cases. I’m hoping when I go into work today that those serious ones will have been downgraded. One of which was a self inflicted OD, unsure if they were intentionally trying to commit suicide or not. It’s hard to go into work sometimes knowing you have to deal with alot of abuse and suicide issues. I wonder if I’m making a difference, I like to think I am but sometimes.. it doesn’t feel like it.


I’m half way through my shift here at work. Just ran out to grab a coffee to help stave off the sleepiness that is threating to overtake me. Had to run to Starbucks to get it which I normally try to not to do. I like to go to the local coffee shops but I’m in an area here at work where that is not an option. So .. since my caffiene need is great this afternoon went to Starbucks. Was pretty darn warm out there too..

Nothing much to report on while here at the Poison Center. The usual pills Ids and minor exposures. Mind you, I’m not complaining and it’s going by fast.

Btw.. the above latte photo was taken at a local coffee shop in Waterville, Maine yesterday afternoon while Hayley and I were out doing errands. The place is called Soup to Nuts and makes a great latte! We are also in the process of trying to start getting some photo’s for her Senior Portraits and they had some great afternoon lighting coming in the windows and nice yellow and orange walls. Think we got some good shots. Will try to post one tomorrow.

6 more hours to go..